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Romania joins our international network for refuelling in Europe

Refuelling in Romania is now a reality for our customers. We at OnTurtle are happy to announce the addition of some thirty service stations in Romania and more secure parking spaces for professional transport.

What is promising is the significant strategic weight the country is likely to have for European logistics due to its location and economy. It will become the eleventh in our international network, with coverage in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Poland.

Some 30 petrol stations in Romania for refuelling

Refuelling in Romania with OnTurtle is now possible at 31 service stations. Under the banner of Smartdiesel, they offer diesel refuelling and, in most cases, AdBlue refuelling as well. The new service stations in Romania are strategically located on the territory, close to the borders with Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

“It is important to grow in a sustainable and efficient way, locating the best OnTheWay option for the professional driver, which also offers basic services”, explains OnTurtle CEO Marta Fàbregas, “something that is now also possible in Romania”.

With these new openings, at OnTurtle we now have over 1,700 service stations in our international network, which continues to grow in quality and service.

Romania, a key country for the future of transport and logistics in the EU

Romania is, after Poland, the second largest market in Eastern Europe. In fact, it is the EU country where the truck  fleet has grown the most in recent years, according to The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA); from 2020 to 2021, the increase was 26%, to 437,267 trucks. Romania also ranks second in the ranking of foreign companies operating in Spain, with 15%, behind Portugal with 32%, and ahead of Poland with 14% and Bulgaria with 12.03%. This can be seen in the latest study on international road freight transport carried out annually by the Ministry of Transport.

On the other hand, the country’s strategic location makes it a platform linking the Russian, Balkan and Caspian markets, especially from the Black Sea port of Constanza, the most important port on the Black Sea. Its location, close to a large number of countries in the centre of the continent, will be a key factor in the future for EU logistics and transport, not least because of the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline. Its weight and importance meant that it had to form part of our continuously growing international network of service stations in order for our customers to be able to refuel in Romania.

“The country’s export strategy connects regions, cities and towns to expand the exporter base and create exports that respond to the demand of new markets, especially in the European Union”, adds Fàbregas. Opening new service stations so that our customers can also refuel in Romania is a way of responding to an emerging market need.

More secure parking spaces for trucks in Romania

In addition to refuelling in Romania, the addition of Romania offers our customers a new ESPORG-certified secure car park in the west of the country, in Pecica. “We are creating our own network of certified secure truck parks in Europe, and given the strategic importance that Romania has and will have in the transport and logistics sector, this will be an almost obligatory stop”, adds Fàbregas. It is a parking area for trucks with 105 parking spaces, 15 of which are supplied with power.

In total, at OnTurtle we offer more than twenty certified truck parks, and more than 200 with minimum security measures. In fact, our truck park in La Jonquera is considered the best in Europe, after being awarded the ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Award 2023.