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Multiservices for the professional road transport industry

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We are pioneers in providing multiservices to road transport companies

OnTurtle has been offering total mobility services for more than 25 years, with a 360º vision to accompany you in the efficient transport of goods throughout Europe. We are pioneers in providing multiservices to road transport companies and our passion is to help professional carriers efficiently manage their routes across Europe with our intelligent mobility solutions.

Our service offer is divided into three main branches that help us get to where we want to go. So, whatever your needs are as a transportation professional, we at OnTurtle want to accompany you and be by your side throughout your journey.  


Facilitating mobility

With a network of more than 1600 stations covering routes in 10 countries, our own network of parking lots across Europe with maximum safety as a top priority, and more than 90 gas stations in 6 countries, OnTurtle is the partner of choice in Europe.


Management services and efficiency

We reinvent smart management with financial and logistics services that allow us to offer personalised service to the carrier, also through your Customer Area.


Services to improve the future

We are pioneers in innovation and our team is constantly carrying out research and development to continue building a responsible and sustainable future with you, with greater safety and efficiency.

The turtle represents us by its longevity, it is a symbol of innovation and a source of intelligence. More than our logo, it is our emblem. OnTurtle perseveres and adapts to any situation.

What has brought us this far?

We are pioneers

  • We created the first and oldest loyalty club for hauliers in Europe: Transcard
  • We opened the first fully automated service station in Spain (Mercabarna, 1991)
  • We were the first to make automatic and card payment available to the haulier at our service stations.
  • Our unique microfiltration plant is the only one of its kind in Europe and removes any impurities from the fuel that are harmful to the vehicle.
  • Forerunners of Adblue in Spain, installing the first AdBlue dispenser in Spain at our station in Jonquera
  • As a result of our commitment to our customers, innovation and quality, we started supplying diesel-18, making OnTurtle Jonquera the only station in Spain to offer this product
  • In our constant improvement of security, we installed an innovative and unique license plate-based refuelling control at our Jonquera station
  • We are the first Spanish company to obtain the SGS quality seal year-on-year since 2017, a certification that guarantees the highest quality in fuel, thanks to our microfiltration plant at La Jonquera service station.
  • We created the first service station exclusively for carriers in Spain, ES OnTurtle Jonquera.

These major milestones, in addition to our continued effort and perseverance, have helped us become a 360º company for the carrier’s multiservices.

Mission and vision

Leading company in multiservices for road transport

OnTurtle offers global solutions to international transport professionals with the mission of becoming a leading multiservice company for road transport.

After more than 25 years of leadership in the sector, it is today undoubtedly a benchmark in 360º services for transport professionals.

To remain leaders, it is essential that we know how to anticipate the needs of our customers and adapt to the changing reality around us, and that is why we put our values first.


Firm values from our beginnings

The values shared by all of us at OnTurtle have remained firm since our beginnings and are the pillars that have allowed us to get to where we are today.


because we do not conform.

Our philosophy is to involve, motivate and mobilise our team to ensure continued growth and encourage contributions.

Customer orientation

because we cannot be a benchmark company without them.

And that is why we continually demonstrate that our main goal is your satisfaction and we give our best to achieve the proposed challenges.

Innovation and change management

because we look to the future.

Through learning, motivation, commitment and agility, we have made OnTurtle an undisputed pioneer in the industry.


because we look for the link.

Our relationships are based on trust, honesty and transparency. We foster understanding and good communication with both our customers and our partners.