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Alliance with Travis to reserve a parking space at La Jonquera

Carriers who register with Travis will be able to reserve a truck parking space at the OnTurtle Service Area in La Jonquera. An increasing number of platforms are channelling roadside services so that they can be hired quickly and efficiently at any time. At OnTurtle we take digitalisation very seriously as a mechanism to make routes easier for our customers. And now, we will also do so with Travis Road Services as a strategic partner.

Travis: a professional transport solution for on-road services

Travis Road Services is a solution that concentrates en-route services in Europe through a single tool. It has a network of around 2,000 members. Through its platform, the haulier can easily make bookings, pay on a single monthly invoice and be provided with reports for more information and control over the use of road services for any fleet.

Through Travis, the transporter can find the nearest location on the map and book the service they need online, with online payment. From truck or tanker washing to a parking space, the haulier can hire what they need at any given moment of their route, for better planning. In this case, OnTurtle offers five parking spaces in its secure parking area for trucks at La Jonquera.

Strategic alliances for an ever more efficient route

“We are working to make transport increasingly efficient, optimising every kilometre en route”, explained Marta Fàbregas, CEO of OnTurtle, “a goal that we share with Travis, and for which, from now on, we will work together from our flagship station in La Jonquera”.

”Many of Europe’s largest transport companies rely on us to ensure the security of their vehicles, cargo and drivers, as well as considering the location of parking facilities close to major transport routes”, said Bas Vissers, TRAVIS Strategic Partnership Manager. “Through the integration of the OnTurtle – La Jonquera truck park onto the TRAVIS map, we remain committed to expanding the availability and accessibility of high security truck parking facilities across Europe”.

The best truck parking in Europe

OnTurtle’s truck park at La Jonquera has been presented the award of the best truck parking area in Europe at the ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Award 2023. Strategically located on the border between Spain and France, it is a service area completely designed to serve the transporter: from service station to showers, shop or restaurant.

Its parking is endorsed by ESPORG with “Gold” certification and by TAPA, with security level 2/3. It is a fully fenced parking area, with PIN-code restricted access and 24-hour surveillance.