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At OnTurtle we are celebrating: this month means we have been at the service of professional transport for 28 years. And we have done it in style, with one of the most important awards for our flagship resort in La Jonquera: the satisfaction of being elected best safe parking area in Europe with the ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Award 2023.

This international award is a further evidence of all the efforts put into one of our main objectives: the safety of our carriers. A priority that has led us to create a network of secure parking areas for lorries which currently has more than twenty approved parking areas equipped with surveillance and basic services, such as toilets, showers, laundry, hotel, shop, supermarket, service station and restaurant.

La Jonquera station is the company’s flagship station. The fact that it has been awarded this prize is highly symbolic for us, because it was in this strategic enclave, on the border with France, that OnTurtle started on its way in 1995. Since then, we have continued to grow in quality and service, always with an eye on carriers. Every day around 10,000 lorries pass through our service area at La Jonquera, where we offer 30,000m2 dedicated exclusively to professional transport. And, just a few kilometres away, we also offer you our first TransLogistic Centre (Jonquera-Pont de Molins), which offers other specialised services such as cross-docking, reconditioning of goods or use of the terber.

Safety is key, not only when we talk about safe parking, which it is, but also when we talk about refuelling, the use of our DieselCard, customer control of their resources and strong accompaniment that gives peace of mind during each of the routes”, says Marta Fàbregas, Chief Commercial and Marketing Manager at OnTurtle. And that is exactly what we want, to offer a global service to our customers, wherever they are, moving with them and even crossing borders. As Fàbregas highlights, we are proud to continue being at the side of the haulier, of going further and further together. And we have managed it: In these almost 30 years, OnTurtle has built up an international network of refuelling stations that now exceeds 1,700 refuelling points in Europe, of which 150 are gas stations, with a presence in 10 countries.

“Over the past 28 years, we have worked tirelessly to offer our customers innovative and sustainable solutions“, says Josep Guaus, CEO of OnTurtle. Great teamwork that has enabled us to develop a global service based on three main pillars: On The Way, where our offer ranges from our Diesel Card to toll payment, as well as tunnel reservation and payment, ferry and train services; Management, with the recovery of taxes and the management of penalties and insurance; and Innovation, through a department from which we seek to respond to emerging needs.

At OnTurtle, we are celebrating another year of commitment to our initial philosophy of accompanying the professional driver in everything he or she may need. In total, 28 years of service and one promise: We will continue to work with passion and commitment to remain a leader in the sector and to continue growing in the future“,  Guaus concludes.