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At OnTurtle, things are being unveiled: we have renewed our digital image to make it more efficient! On the one hand, we present the new website, which you have already been browsing and which is more visual, dynamic and intuitive. On the other hand, a new customer area to facilitate greater self-management by our customers, both of the operations carried out and the services contracted. In short: more proximity and control at the click of a button. Innovation is the engine that drives us forward!

A new website to show what we are capable of

Adapting is key and we at OnTurtle are clear about that. Following our re-branding in 2019, we have been adapting our facilities and services on a daily basis to respond to the changing needs of the professional transport sector in this new phase. Our website could not be an exception.

With a responsive design so that it can be consulted from any device with greater agility in navigation, the new page is a unique showcase to show at first glance what we are capable of as a strategic partner. And as an international company with a strong presence in countries such as Poland, which currently leads the European truck fleet ranking, it is available in five languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Polish and Czech.
The three main pillars of this new website: OnTheWay, Management and Innovation. On The Way highlights our international network of 1,700 stations, as well as a wide range of services for professional transport and the various types of dieselCard cards for the payment of fuel, Management on the other hand, encompasses the back office management of aspects such as tax recovery, insurance contracts and compliance with regulations such as the Macron Law.

Finally, from Innovation we want to respond to future challenges for professional transport, for example in terms of sustainability, with a refuelling offer of alternative energies such as natural gas. We have a gas network of already 150 gas stations in Europe. In addition, our mission is to become the strategic partner of transporters, which is why we also offer training and workshops to continue growing in a forward-looking way.

A Customer Area to be closer to our customers

In the Customer Area, we have also improved technical aspects for smoother browsing and for making all operations more secure, convenient and intuitive.
Our aim is to offer our customers greater proximity and facilitate self-management, so that they can consult their contracted services, invoices and even their refuelling stops in real time, in just one click.