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At RedTortuga we operate whilst always maintaining a commitment to offering the best service. And security, is our greatest guarantee. That’s why we are proud that our La Jonquera parking facility is the first in Spain to become a TAPA partner. This opportunity opens the doors to actively participate in the defence of the interests of professional transport worldwide.


Safeguard security in the supply chain

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique, global organisation that brings together more than 600 members made up of large manufacturers, providers and authorities from the world of professional transport and logistics.

Its objective is to address and minimise security threats that may affect or break the supply chain. It’s a concern that we, at RedTortuga, share and want to help resolve through the development and application of global proposals, technologies and regulation. TAPA backs cost-effective and secure transport.

In April, we participated in the TAPA EMEA Conference in Berlin for the first time. These types of meetings are organised twice a year whereby all members of the organisation share experiences and analyse solutions.


Security, a priority for RedTortuga

One of the measures established by TAPA is the promotion of secure parking for professional transport. It has designed a security standard that specifies the conditions required for secure parking, the PSR. Operators that comply with this scheme may obtain the certification that recognises them.

At RedTortuga we have always backed the need to offer a secure space for lorry drivers. Our La Jonquera area has a 24-hour video surveillance system, controlled by more than 35 cameras, some of which have night vision, to ensure the peace of mind of our customers during their rest time. Our truck parking facility is completely fenced and illuminated and can only be accessed via a personalised code given to each user, meaning vehicles and goods remain protected 24/7. We continue working to invest in improving our facilities, offering secure rest areas for the lorry driver.