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Offering the best service to our clients means being where they need us. Starting now, the RedTortuga Diesel Cards will also serve as a means of payment for parking lots in Europe for the customers who request it. The cards can be activated to be used in the parking areas in Béziers and Calais All4Trucks, in France. The goal is to offer a network of secure truck parking areas across the continent.

Security as our standard

These parking areas ensure the highest level of security, one of our company’s priorities since its founding, to ensure that professional drivers can have peace of mind during their breaks. The two parking areas arefenced in and access is restricted only for authorised users. The parking lot area, with 310 spots in Calais and 350 is Béziers, features cameras and 24 hour security personnel. Calais also boasts a rigorous truck entry and exit control with a daily register.

The two parking areas are backed by ESPORG, the European Secure Parking Organisation. Béziers is also certified by TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association.