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The best lorry park in Europe, as selected by ESPORG for the second year running. Our parking area in La Jonquera, dedicated to professional transport, has once again won the ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Award in the 50-seater parking area category.

The verdict was announced at a ceremony in Brussels on 6 March in the presence of industry figures including Kristian Schmidt, Director for Inland Transport of the European Commission, Kosma Zlotowsky, Member of the European Parliament and Michael Nielsen, President of ESPORG. Our Business Development Specialist, Pablo Combalía, attended the event on behalf of OnTurtle.

Best lorry park in Europe for the second year in a row

Our lorry park in La Jonquera has once again enjoyed maximum recognition from ESPORG in terms of security, quality and service. The ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Awardtakes into account aspects such as driver comfort regarding basic amenities and health, mobility and connectivity within the car park, and sustainability, service quality and customer satisfaction levels.

After collecting the award, Pablo Combalía Travesset from OnTurtle expressed his gratitude for the recognition. “Being once again voted European Truck Park of the Year 2024 by ESPORG illustrates our aim to maintain the highest quality and guarantee the highest level of safety for our customers. We continually strive for excellence, placing the customer at the heart of our business,” he stated.

Ensuring the safety of professional transport in Europe

The European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) is an international body that aims to provide a network of secure parking areas for professional transport in Europe, promoting the official EU parking standard. The ESPORG European Excellence in Truck Parking Award aims to promote safety, security, quality, connectivity and care in the provision of services to professional truck drivers while they are parked.

“We would like to express our gratitude to ESPORG for setting standards to ensure safe parking throughout Europe and for constantly seeking to connect members and affiliates with the common goal of making our industry safer,” stated Pablo Combalía at the end of his speech.

The OnTurtle-La Jonquera area, a pioneer in safety and service for professional transport

Our OnTurtle-La Jonquera service area has 25,000 m2 of space dedicated to professional transport. It offers its own 50-space car park, which is fenced and video-monitored 24 hours a day with access being restricted by PIN codes. Safety is key in our lorry park and is also guaranteed by the GOLD category of ESPORG, and PLATINUM in the case of services. In addition, professional drivers can pre-book places through platforms such as SNAP, Travis and Otra Solutions.

The service area, strategically located on the French border, is one of the first in Spain dedicated to professional transport and has a service station as well as toilets, showers, laundry facilities, a hotel, a supermarket, a shop and a restaurant. The latter was renovated in 2023 to offer a Mediterranean menu, cooked and prepared daily at an affordable price.

Sustainability as an added value

The OnTurtle-La Jonquera service area has had photovoltaic panels since 2019 to operate with greater energy efficiency, and this facility was expanded last year for an additional 50kw of power. Our station is also equipped with energy-saving LED lighting.

Technology has also been implemented in our fuel supply processes, with a microfiltration plant — the only such plant in Europe — and simultaneous refuelling pumps, for greater service quality and efficiency.

Sustainability is another factor that has also been taken into account in granting the award for the best lorry park in Europe for the second year in a row.