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We are new members of the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. After 20 years operating in the country and as a strategic partner in global services for professional transport, OnTurtle has taken a further step to position itself in the Polish market with this new incorporation that will allow us to expand and consolidate our network of contacts and enable new strategic alliances for the future.

Added value for our customers in Poland

 “We have been in Poland for 20 years with our own native team and we guarantee that our customers in the country can travel 100% with us”, explains Marta Fàbregas, our Chief Commercial and Marketing Manager, “Now we not only want to cover the origin and the end of the route from this country, but also to connect with their needs so that we can always give them the best response

The Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce is a business networking platform with a wide network of contacts in both Spain and Poland. In addition, it offers advice and support in different areas to all its members, in terms of foreign trade, investment, export or import. Being part of this group will give us greater visibility, and this alliance will help to consolidate a career in the country that is already 20 years old”, explains Dorota Nowak, Sales Manager Poland & Eastern Europe.

Being part of this network of professionals will also mean being more connected to the latest trends and regulations in the Polish-Spanish market. Further added value for our customers in Poland, who account for a high percentage of the total.

Two decades as a transport service provider in Poland

Our relationship with Poland goes back a long way. Since the beginning of our international expansion in 2001, we have been committed to having a presence in the country. After 20 years of collaboration, we have now consolidated a strong business relationship that we continue to strengthen every year. To celebrate this, at the last edition of TransLogistica Poland we blew out candles and celebrated together with customers and partners.

In 2022, we will also double the number of service stations in Poland with the inauguration of seven new openings in the west of the state. Distributed near the border areas with Germany and the Czech Republic, they are operated by its Polish partner FARAON and join the more than 1,700 stations of OnTurtle’s international network, which is present in 9 other countries.

And, as our motto says, our intention is to keep growing and to go ever further.