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Our network of service stations continues to grow

By 15/02/2023March 20th, 2023No Comments

More than 1,700 service stations in Europe, 150 of which are supplied with LNG

This ensures that hauliers always have a service station close by for refuelling with their DieselCard on their route through Europe. This is the goal that OnTurtle has set for our customers, which is why we offer a refuelling network strategically distributed across the continent, covering 10 countries. In 2023, we have now reached 1,700 service stations, with more than 150 supplying LNG.

Some 30 new service stations in Germany

Our international network of service stations has just strengthened its presence in Germany, thanks to a new partnership with Alternoil, our German partner that specialises in the supply of environmentally friendly fuels in Germany. They are pioneers in the transformation process for clean heavy transport and have been involved in the development and integration of sustainable fuels for over 10 years.

This agreement has enabled us to add 29 new filling stations to our German network, which are supplied with Diesel A, AdBlue and LNG. These are unmanned stations with automated systems for fast and efficient truck refuelling.

Twice as many service stations in Poland

This is not the only way we have strengthened our company over the past year. In autumn we also doubled our presence in Poland with seven new stations to cover border areas between Poland and Germany or the Czech Republic.

In total, we expanded our number of service stations by 4% in 2022. As a global multi-service company, our goal at OnTurtle is to continue growing in order to accompany our customers on their journey through Europe.

We now have 150 service stations supplied with LNG

Natural gas is emerging as an alternative energy and is already a growing demand in the world of transport. At OnTurtle we currently offer a gas network of 150 stations so that our customers can also continue their routes with alternative refuelling. Our map of gas stations has grown by 40% compared to 2021 and we expect to continue this positive trend. In total we offer LNG refuelling at service stations in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

Our commitment to natural gas started in 2018, true to OnTurtle’s commitment to the environment. LNG is the most realistic option for more sustainable long-distance transport. With a range of 1,600 km, a natural gas vehicle emits 20% less CO2. As a result, more and more gas-powered heavy-goods vehicles are now on the road.