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The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) guarantees security for our lorry park at La Jonquera. With a level 2 endorsement, the renewal of the certificate reaffirms our commitment to security in professional transport. “It is very important for us to be able to offer a safe space for hauliers to take their breaks, without endangering the goods,” said Marta Fàbregas, our Chief Commercial and Marketing Manager. “Since its inception, we have been updating and improving our services at the station to offer drivers maximum comfort at our facilities,” she added.

A long term relationship in our commitment to security

Our relationship with TAPA began in 2019, after we became the association’s Spanish partner. After one year, the professional transport services company passed its first Parking Security Requirements (PSR) level 3 compliance audit, which gave us access to the TAPA EMEA certification. Subsequently, our lorry park in La Jonquera obtained the category 2 certificate, which guarantees a medium level of security.

PSRs are the security standards for professional transport parking areas defined by TAPA. In this case, they set both the minimum acceptable standards for a parking area to be considered safe and the methods that will be used to keep these standards in place. They also include the processes and specifications that Parking Operators must comply with in order to achieve certification.

Our intention is to continue to grow in services and equipment in order to offer the driver a comfortable space at a strategic point on their route.

Secure parking for trucks at a border area

Our lorry park in La Jonquera, a few kilometres from the French border, is completely surrounded by fencing, is fully lit and restricts access to users by means of a personalised code. It also has a 24-hour video-surveillance system to guarantee customers’ peace of mind while they take their rest. This ensures that vehicles and goods are always protected.

The La Jonquera station completed its remodelling process in 2021, becoming a 25,000m2 international land transport hub  and a benchmark for the company. With simultaneous refuelling pumps for Diesel A and AdBlue and a wide range of services, such as toilets, showers, laundry, a hotel, a shop, a supermarket and a restaurant, it offers everything that hauliers may need during their stay. The station also has a microfiltration plant, a first in Europe. This guarantees fuel of the highest quality, with the SGS seal of approval.

OnTurtle was the first Spanish company to achieve TAPA certification for our parking area in 2019, after becoming a TAPA partner. Together with the ESPORG recognition, which we have had since 2016, the TAPA certificate guarantees maximum security at this parking area for professional transport vehicles, both for the drivers and for the goods they are transporting.