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The fence, controlled access and increase in cameras further improve the safety of the area.

In the year when Redtortuga celebrates its twentieth anniversary, the company has carried out one of its central projects for 2015: the complete renovation of the truck parking lot in the La Jonquera service area. This large scale project, in addition to improving the installations, has also managed to increase security levels in the area, providing an answer the ever-more frequent voices which demand safer places for vehicles and cargo.

In recent months, the driver rest and transport security conditions in the European Union have been front and centre among the issues. Without going any further, in April Spain presented a bill which established the need for a network of safe parking spaces. Given this context, Redtortuga has provided a rapid response to its clients’ concerns, in anticipation of the regulations and legislation currently being processed. Josep Guaus, the director of the company, claims that “the parking area in La Jonquera responds to tangible needs, as it refurbishes an appropriate area for drivers to rest while also increasing the security measures in the area”. In fact, this is one of the trademarks of the company’s identity: guaranteeing maximum safety standards and control both in refuelling areas as well as in its service area.  

Parking Redtortuga día

The new parking area, located in the Service Area of La Jonquera, has 75 spaces for trucks, with an area specifically designed for refrigerated trucks. In terms of security, the perimeter fence of the parking area and access controls for vehicles and individuals are equipped with 11 new surveillance video cameras, 6 of which have night vision, which are included in a robust system of 32 video cameras located throughout the area. “These measures allow us to provide peace of mind for transport companies, as we make all the necessary tools available to protect the vehicles, freight and, of course, the drivers”, explains Guaus.

The new aspects don’t stop here as September started with more projects and innovation. In the next few weeks, the Dutch company NomadPower will install six electric power connections in the La Jonquera parking area, which will allow trucks to refrigerate their cargo sustainably: with no CO2 emissions or loud noises. Until now, NomadPower has been present in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, with Redtortuga’s Service Area the only location in Spain equipped with this technology.

Undoubtedly, the goal of the present and future improvements in the La Jonquera Area is to answer clients’ demands and to improve the service that they receive. As the director of Redtortuga explains, “we cover the essential elements in transport: supplying quality fuel, personalised attention and security for vehicles, freight and drivers”.