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The English Channel is the body of water (32,55km) that separates France and Great Britain. Tortuga Services presents to you the diferent options in order to cross it: 


  • Calais-Dover: it is the most popular option. The trip lasts 1, 5 hours.
  • Dunkerque-Dover: It is a good alternative for users who come from the east (Belgium, Holland, Poland…), because the port of Dunkerque is located at 45km northwest of Calais. The trip lasts 2 hours.


It is the faster way to cross the cannel: only 35 minutes. The train works 24hours /365 days, with 6 departures per hour depending on the demand.   

Moreover, with Tortuga Services you can manage the tolls payment in France. Here you have the available devices:  

– The three devices allow the tolls payment in France, Spain, Portugal and the tunnel of Liefkenshoeck in Belgium.

– Axxès y Viaxxès Sat: With them, you can also pay some parkings in Spain and France.

– Viaxxès Sat: It is equipped with a locator fleets.

– Telepass EU: The user can decide which countries want to activate.


For further information, contact Tortuga Services: