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More than 80 leading executives and professionals from the logistics and transport sector attended AfterSIL 2023, the networking event that OnTurtle and Calsina Carré promoted on June 8th in the framework of SIL.

The initiative, carried out for the second consecutive year, represents a further step in our strategy to encourage the relationship between the most important players in the sector and promote synergies that boost efficiency and innovation. The meeting served to strengthen our commitment to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among companies in the logistics transport industry.

“We are delighted to have organised this event together with Calsina Carré. We strongly believe in the importance of networking and collaboration for the growth of our industry“, said Marta Fábregas, CEO of OnTurtle.We are pleased to have brought together so many outstanding professionals and hope that this meeting will result in new strategic alliances and business opportunities” she added.

Alba Carré, CEO of Calsina Carré, said that the networking event at AfterSIL 2023 was “a resounding success”. “We are convinced that collaboration between companies is essential in facing the current challenges in the logistics sector. We are pleased to have contributed to this initiative together with OnTurtle and look forward to further promoting the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies in future meetings”, she concluded.