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When it comes to road transport and mobility, safety and relaxation are key issues. To this end, at OnTurtle, which is a multi-service provider for freight forwarding professionals, we know that hauliers need to find a safe and comfortable place to park and take a well-deserved rest on their long routes through Europe. Along this line, we focus on the truck park of La Jonquera service area as an option that guarantees peace of mind for hauliers and also offers the possibility of booking through the OTRA and SNAP mobile applications.

La Jonquera: Europe’s Safest Truck Park Thanks to ESPORG and TAPA

When it comes to choosing an area to rest during your freight transport journeys, safety is paramount. That is why in the La Jonquera service area truck park, OnTurtle has a space certified by ESPORG and TAPA that offers maximum peace of mind to hauliers travelling on European roads.

Why rest in the La Jonquera service area truck park during your route

Transporting goods involves long hours on the road, and it is essential to find a suitable place to rest. La Jonquera truck park is the answer to this need. Strategically located on the border between Spain and France, it is an ideal stopping point for transporters crossing Europe. In addition, in La Jonquera truck park, safety is an absolute priority. We have video surveillance systems that monitor every corner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that your vehicle and the goods you transport are always protected. We understand that rest is essential for transporters. In La Jonquera truck park, you will find all the facilities you need to recover your energy, such as restaurants, showers, hotel, supermarket, games room, laundry, truck cleaning and other services so that you can relax before continuing your journey.

Reserve Your Parking Space with OTRA and SNAP

At OnTurtlewe understand the importance of transport and mobility planning. That’s why we make it easy for you to book your parking space in La Jonquera through the OTRA and SNAP mobile apps. With these applications, hauliers can plan their route and ensure they have a safe place to park when they arrive in La Jonquera.

Quality Certificates: ESPORG and TAPA

Our commitment to safety and quality has led us to obtain certifications from ESPORG (European Secure Parking Organization) and TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). These recognitions guarantee that La Jonquera truck park meets the highest safety standards and is one of the safest places to park in Europe.

Committed to Sustainability

At OnTurtle we are not only concerned about the safety and comfort of carriers, but also about the environment. Our truck park in La Jonquera has sustainable facilities that minimise our impact on nature and contribute to more responsible transport.

Reserve Your Place Today

If you are a haulier who values safety, quality and comfort on your transport route, look no further. OnTurtle’s truck park in La Jonquera service area is your best option. Book your parking space with OTRA or SNAP and experience the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the safest truck park in Europe, certified by ESPORG and TAPA. Your safety and relaxation are our priority. We are waiting for you in La Jonquera!

If you want more information, click here to find out more about La Jonquera, a service station with more than 25,000 m² of space that guarantees comfort and absolute relaxation.