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At OnTurtle, we remain steadfast in our commitment to more sustainable freight transportation. And after adding eight new natural gas refuelling points in three European countries (Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), we have now reached one hundred filling station.

New gas plants in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

At OnTurtle, we ended 2021 with 43 more refuelling stations compared to the previous year, 16 of which were LNG and CNG refuelling stations (up by 36.36% compared to 2020).  In total, we had 90 gas refuelling points and every intention to continue growing — which six months later has once again become a reality.

Since 2022 began, the firm has added 10 more filling stations. The last eight have reinforced its refuelling service in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. First came stations in Rekkem and Hognoul (Belgium), Hirschberg (Germany), Zwolle and Deventer (the Netherlands) thanks to an agreement with the supplier Pitpoint. These strategic points were soon joined by Antwerp (Belgium) and Alsfed (Germany). Last May, the 100th filling station was finally incorporated. Emleben (Germany)  is supplied by LIQVIS and, like the others, has LNG available and is adapted for VOLVO lorries.

Willingness to continue growing

The geopolitical context of recent months has seriously affected energy prices, and natural gas has been no exception. Even so, GNL is positioning itself as the most sustainable alternative for long-distance professional transport. Indeed, the fleet of gas vehicles continues to grow — Spain reached 32,667 units in 2021, according to figures compiled by Gasnam — as does the network of filling stations, with 191 supply points and 24 in Portugal.

Our commitment to sustainability kicked off as early as 2018 with the opening of the first filling station in our international network. In 2022, we have reached 100, making us one of the first operators to achieve this goal.

We currently have around one hundred natural gas supply points strategically located in six European countries: 31 in France, 27 in Spain, 22 in Germany, 11 in Belgium, 8 in the Netherlands and 1 in Italy. Information on active gas plants in Europe can be checked via our map.

As a benchmark partner for freight mobility in Europe, we at OnTurtle have a network that demonstrates our commitment to more environmentally-friendly professional transport and a clear intention of supplying our customers along their routes in Europe.