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As a reference partner for professional transport in Europe, OnTurtle continues to create new synergies in the sector to promote more efficient professional transport. Now, a new agreement with Webtrans, an intelligent digital logistics management platform, will allow us to incorporate new services to our logistics management platform to better organise our customers’ work and streamline online procedures. In return, we opened our international network of more than 1,600 service stations to the company’s customers with the addition of our DieselCard.

An alliance for continued growth

Thanks to this agreement, OnTurtle has added new services to its digital logistics management platform aimed at meeting the needs and demands of our customers, such as the Freight Exchange for trucks and vans, e-CMR, Fast Payment (advance payment of cargo), tendering and collection insurance. “The alliance with Webtrans allows us to continue growing in order to provide our customers with good service and offer new services according to their needs and demands,” explains Josep Guaus, CEO of OnTurtle. “We continue to move forward to offer the latest developments in the sector and consolidate our position as a global service company for professional carriers.”

In addition, OnTurtle now offers Webtrans customers our DieselCard fuel cards, adapted to the needs of companies and transport professionals, in its different modalities: DieselCard Gold, DieselCard Professional Diesel, DieselCard Platinum, DieselCard Recharge and DieselCard Go B (refrigerated vehicles). “We are moving forward together with partners like OnTurtle, with whom we share our vision and values, to offer the best solutions to our customers,” notes Mario Taets, CEO of Webtrans.

The OnTurtle DieselCard guarantees security and exhaustive control of refuelling, and is approved for the recovery of the Professional Diesel fuel tax. With these cards, Webtrans customers can enjoy our more than 1,600 service stations in 11 countries in Europe.

Increased performance and efficiency

From the alliance with Webtrans, there will be a series of services aimed at streamlining and facilitating the work of road transport professionals, especially at the management level. With the addition of the WebTruck freight exchange, for example, our customers will be able to find available loads suitable for their truck or van in a given geographic area and, with strict safety protocols, make the most of each trip, occupying all available space and the return route. All this from their mobile phone, which will speed up management as a whole (freight orders, invoices, advance payments).

In addition, through the Tendering service which they will also be able to access, they will be able to publish offers for large-volume loads and opt, through a transport and logistics service tender, for the company that offers the best guarantees and advantages.

Easy, fast and safe

Our customers will now also have the option to carry out all procedures from the e-CMR application. This application allows sending and receiving the waybill digitally and automatically, in addition to having all the documentation gathered safely.

Another advantage of the partnership with the digital logistics management platform is access to Fast Payment, a financing service that enables paying invoices in advance. This alongside a collection insurance service that avoids the risk of non-payment.