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To guarantee rest for the haulier and to protect the goods being transported. Safety has been one of OnTurtle’s top priorities since our inception. That is why we have expanded our network of secure lorry parking facilities, with new approved car parks fitted with surveillance and basic services at various locations in Europe. In total, we now have 21 certified car parks for professional transport available to our customers.

Safety as a flag

Our OnTurtle lorry parking area in La Jonquera, is one of five certified throughout Spain by the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG), and the only one certified Level 2 by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). This pioneering parking area, located at our flagship station on the border with France, represents our values and the company’s commitment in this area.

Certified lorry parking areas contribute to the improvement of rest and safety conditions for drivers, as well as protecting the goods they are transporting,” explains Marta Fàbregas, our Chief Commercial and Marketing Manager. “One of our priorities is also that the parking areas in our network include, in addition to vehicle surveillance, basic amenities such as showers and toilets, washrooms, internet and food and beverage purchasing options to provide a basic standard of comfort,” he added.

In addition to La Jonquera, OnTurtle also offered certified secure parking in the service areas of Calais and Beziers. “In all three cases, these are parking areas with a strategic location for the mobility of goods, at border points between France, Spain or England,” Fàbregas points out.

New secure parking facilities for trucks in Spain and France

To these three certified parking areas, OnTurtle has added 18 more. Firstly, 2 lorry parking areas in France: CCI Deux-Sevres, in Niort, and Dunkerque Security Truckstop, also in the north of France. Secondly, we have added 16 more secure parking areas in different parts of Europe, as a result of our agreement with Axxès, a specialist in electronic toll collection for lorries in Europe. These parking areas can be paid for using various contracted payment methods, such as our DieselCard or OnTolls Europe and Bmoov devices.

In total, our customers will be able to enjoy these conditions in 21 strategically-chosen locations that will guarantee their international routes. In this way, we are fulfilling our objective of continuing to build a network that guarantees the safety of drivers and goods during their routes around Europe.