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Moving freely around Europe with a single toll device is now a reality with RedTortuga.  The new OnTolls Europe offers the possibility of moving around 11 countries on the continent with a single device, for greater payment convenience: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland (A4 Krakov-Katowice), Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The advantages of OnTolls Europe go beyond ease of movement. Firstly, by requiring just a single device for these 11 countries, rental costs are reduced for the transport company. In addition, it offers the possibility of personalising the route, contracting the specific countries required by each customer. The technology applied to the device also allows for the modification of data, the adding of linked number plates and the activation or deactivation of countries, all with a single contract and without the need to change device. This is called logistics technology.

Another improvement offered by OnTolls Europe is a vehicle geolocation system, which allows for the calculation of fuel consumption, toll costs and live route times. In addition, it also shows traffic information, enables you to chat with the driver and even create and send him/her missions.

With this single toll device, RedTortuga stays true to its commitment to innovation, developing pioneering systems that improve the day-to-day of international transport companies.