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We are expanding our international network in Europe with new service stations in Luxembourg. OnTurtle is committed to enabling our customers to move goods more efficiently and we are working tirelessly to provide the maximum service where we’re most needed. We regularly bolster our continental network of strategically placed service stations for hauliers. And in this case, we’ve added 7 new places to refuel in Luxembourg on trunk roads and motorways.


New motorway service stations in Luxembourg

Our latest addition is the Wasserbillig service station, which carries the brand of our partner ESSO and is in the east of the country, close to the German border. Hauliers can conveniently fill up with diesel using our Diesel Cards or buy AdBlue in bulk without coming off the E44 motorway. The service station also has toilets, showers, parking, a supermarket and a restaurant.

Wasserbillig is our third strategically located motorway service area in Luxembourg. On the other side of the country in the south-west, the map shows the Capellen service station on the A6 and, further south, the Pontpierre service station on the A4.


Service stations on Luxembourg’s trunk roads

In total, OnTurtle now has 24 service stations in Luxembourg, 21 of which are on trunk roads across the country. Weiswampach, which is the most northerly service station on the map, is on a local highway near the Belgian border. The services on offer include diesel A with a high-flow pump and diesel additive AdBlue, with heavy vehicle pumps.

The Remerschen service station is in the south, practically next to Germany and just a few kilometres from France. Mersch, on the other hand, is strategically located in central Luxembourg. The purpose of this network, as can easily be seen from our map, is to cover the main European haulage routes as they cross Luxembourg.


OnTurtle’s international service station network continues to grow

Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Poland. Today, OnTurtle has more than 1,600 service stations in 10 different countries across the continent.

We closed 2020 with 8% more service stations, landing for the first time in Poland and Italy, and still striving to improve coverage for our customers. With our strategic network of service stations, we aim to continue being a leading partner for international transport companies in Europe.