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Don’t let your diesel freeze! With the onset of winter, lower temperatures can make life difficult on the road. For this reason, from December until March, at our OnTurtle-La Jonquera Area, located on the border with France, two special -18ºC diesel pumps will be available to guarantee a safe journey for all our customers in adverse weather conditions.

Safer diesel for the cold months

This fuel is developed so that the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is at -18ºC, eight degrees lower than the Spanish regulations. This prevents the concentration of micro particles that could clog the filters.

With a diesel that is resistant to the coldest temperatures, we can offer greater resistance and peace of mind to the haulier in extremely cold temperatures, as the fuel cannot freeze.

Top quality fuel with SGS guarantee

In addition to guaranteeing a lower cold filter plugging point and therefore higher resistance to winter weather, our fuel offers the highest quality. For the sixth year in a row, each of our own station’s pumps bears the prestigious SGS Seal of Quality, this certificate evaluates aspects such as the condition of the fuel, from the fuel tank to its supply, and the maintenance of the facilities.

Among other things, at La Jonquera we have an exclusive microfiltration plant for fuel, a first in Europe. From 2021, this control process will also be supplemented by an online laser particle counter, which provides real-time data, solids analysis and an increase in the safety of the service.