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Interview with Eva González Jones, People & Organisation Director at OnTurtle

This time, our #WomeninTransport campaign this March takes us to our Human Resources department: Eva González Jones is our People & Organisation Director. Through her eyes, we discover that, although we’re moving in the right direction, there’s still a long way to go in many regards. “There are sectors where gender inequality is less visible and others where it’s very obvious,” she explains. “In our case, we’ve created inclusive selection policies that help us to be equitable and fairer.” Currently, 50% of OnTurtle’s staff is female.


  • How and when did you start your adventure in the world of transport?

Before I started working at OnTurtle, I knew absolutely nothing about the transport world. This has been my first experience in the industry. It seems at first that you’re going to encounter a very masculine world, but this isn’t the case for us. Except for service stations, where we do have a higher number of men than women, the rest is fairly balanced: we have women in sales, administration, marketing, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I started this adventure.

  • Your role is linked to HR. Do you think that working with a 50% female workforce is the norm?

It isn’t the norm; not just in transport, but in most companies. There are sectors where this inequality is less visible and others where it’s very obvious. In our case, we’ve created inclusive selection policies that help us to be equitable and fairer.

  • Are there differences in the search for talent when it comes to gender?

When we make a selection, we don’t talk about gender, we talk about specific functions and needs for a job. What counts is the person and the role they can carry out in a certain job.

  • Do you think that companies still favour male profiles at certain ages?

Unfortunately, there are still too many social stigmas and cultural values of yesteryear that don’t help women of a certain age. That’s why we need to continue working on inclusion at all levels.

  • Have the recent changes to paternity leave, for example, changed anything?

They help to make us all aware of the need to take responsibility for bringing up little ones. To understand that this isn’t just a role for women; it’s a role for men and women, and with them companies and society. It’s a shared obligation and, if the way to act is by changing the law, then so be it.

  • Similarly, are there more male candidates for some more specific positions?

We could say that, in our case, this is more evident in more operational and physical jobs, where there are rotating shifts. It’s rare to see female candidates.

  • How does OnTurtle promote gender equality and break the glass ceiling in the workplace?

Remuneration policies, selection, management, training and equality plans, to name a few examples.

  • Transport is a constantly changing industry. Do you think we’re going in the right direction?

For us, transport firms are our main customers. It’s our customers who have to make a commitment to equality in terms of gender. Although we’re seeing more and more women behind the wheel, it’s still far from 50%.