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Interview with Sandra Álvaro, OnTurtle Pump Attendant in La Jonquera


Only 22% of drivers behind the wheel of a truck are women, but their numbers are increasing. So we hear from Sandra Álvaro, our Pump Attendant in La Jonquera, in our interview series #WomeninTransport. Her job is ensuring that customers find the service and attention they’re looking for at our service station, located in one of Europe’s busiest cross-border areas for goods mobility. “We have to break stereotypes,” says Sandra, who adds that she’s never experienced any problems in her job just because she’s a woman. Even so, her work in the sector still deserves to be platformed and normalised.


  • How and when did you start your adventure in the world of transport? Eight years ago, when I changed my work focus. I started working at OnTurtle in 2014 and, yes, it was my first experience in the industry. I’m currently focused on customer service in store and out on the tarmac, as well as other administrative tasks in the La Jonquera service station.
  • At a meeting point for hauliers such as the service area in La Jonquera, is the presence of a woman in the station surprising? There are probably differences in other specialisms within trucking, but in mine I’ve never felt less valued for being a woman. In general, all the hauliers that pass through the station are friendly and easy to deal with. We’ve got to start breaking stereotypes!
  • According to the latest data, it’s estimated that only 22% of professional drivers behind the wheel of a truck are women. Have you noticed whether there are increasing numbers of them? Yes, in this sense I think there has been a change and there are more and more women hauliers. It’s good news that they’re beginning to become visible in the sector, which has traditionally been very masculine. In this case, it’s work where gender doesn’t matter.
  • Do you think this world is equally prepared for women and men in terms of haulier services? In some stations, there are toilets and showers that are designed more for men. In this sense, it seems that the female sector is demanding more attention be paid to these details.
  • From when you started to today, do you think we’ve evolved in this regard? We’ve made progress, of course. In transport, there have been certain aspects that have been changing a lot; it’s a sector that’s constantly moving. From my point of view, and taking into account a gender perspective, it’s true that women have been occupying more space. My experience at OnTurtle is that it’s always been a company that’s very committed to equality and parity. As a result, the role of women has always been equally important in all areas of the company, so there’s never been any inequality or discrimination that could have affected me.