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From La Jonquera to Chevanceaux, almost 5,000 km were covered from 23 September to 1 October to thank transport professionals for their tireless dedication since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Under the slogan #THANKYOUCARRIERS #MERCITRANSPORTEURS, OnTurtle and Teleroute spent nine days with them at seven strategic service stations on European professional transport routes. A roadshow with a foodtruck that distributed a total of 473 coffees, served by a professional barista. 

This recognition of the carriers was the excuse to spend some time with them and listen to their experiences over this trying time. Our team asked them what their experience was during the hardest times of the pandemic, when the supply of essential goods depended on them and them alone, and their feelings about what the whole process involved. 

‘We’ve gained visibility. People have realised how important professional transport is to keep things running’. We are left with this reflection that, although not compensating for how difficult it was for many professionals, gives a certain prestige to an essential, albeit often invisible, job. 

The drivers with whom we have spoken at the service areas of La JonqueraBéziersMâcon 1, Écot, Calais-All4Trucks, Jáunay Clan and Chevanceaux thanked the company, the gesture of the coffee, and the drawings held, which stand in stark contrast to the hardest weeks of lockdown, when mobility was limited to essential services. 

They were, always have been, and always will be essential, but during that time they remember how lonely they felt, with only basic services at their disposal on the road. ‘A lot of work, all very urgent, and all very fast’, said carrier Francisco Cortés. ‘And at the same time, everything was closed, we didn’t have any services’, he added. 

At OnTurtle we will continue to vindicate the work of our carriers and promote initiatives to thank them for their dedication. 

Once again, thank you, carriers.