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OnTurtle achieves 100% compliance with the required quality specifications so that our fuel facilitates good engine performance. This is certified by SGS, considered a world leader in quality and integrity after a new analysis of the fuel supplied at La Jonquera, La Jonquera Autos and Mercabarna.

The stations have been subject to various audits which guarantee maximum quality compliance as regards market requirements. The “Seal of Quality” programme (SoQP) assesses aspects such as the proper maintenance of the facilities and the processes through which the fuel passes, from its arrival at the station to its subsequent deposit into the vehicle’s tank. In this sense, OnTurtle’s La Jonquera station has a pioneering microfiltration plant in Europe where any impurity that may harm the vehicle’s engine is removed, a contributing factor to the attainment of the SGS seal year on year. The study analyses elements such as the oxygen content, vapour pressure or levels of sulphur present in the diesel.

OnTurtle was the first company in the sector that was recognised by this programme after the first analysis in 2017. Ever since, the SGS seal has been visible on our fuel dispensers to guarantee customers maximum fuel quality.