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This July, we have partnered with UPEI, the Union of European Petroleum Independents, which includes nearly 2,000 independent wholesalers and distributors from 18 countries. In total, the platform covers more than a third of the current demand in Europe. The association serves as an interface between producers and consumers who use their own infrastructure and flexibility to satisfy the existing demand for conventional and renewable liquid fuels, as well as non-liquid alternatives as part of the energy transition.  Our admission to this platform means going one step further in our commitment to responding to the new demands of the sector.


Security, sustainability and quality

UPEI’s main objective is to inform, discuss and help devise a comprehensive plan in the face of global challenges posed by the energy sector. This includes the promotion of integral infrastructure for the supply, storage and distribution of transport fuels, without losing sight of the commitment to security, sustainability and product quality.  Values have formed part of OnTurtle’s philosophy since its inception.

Our admission to UPEI means increasing our competitiveness internationally, thus reinforcing our continental presence with the possibility of creating new synergies and with active participation in the search for more energy efficient solutions.