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The company is committed to strengthening and consolidating its international presence. 

Redtortuga celebrates its 20 years in 2015. And on such an important day for the company, its director, Josep Guaus, has taken advantage of the event to thank clients for their trust, “without their trust we would not have come so far. Their trust in us has allowed us to carry out a strong and solid project”. Arising from the end of the petroleum monopoly, Redtortuga has been a pioneer on many fronts: it was the first operator independent of the State to have a service area designed exclusively for trucks –the Truck Stop in La Jonquera– and it has continued growing since then.   

20 años azul

Guaus considers that the secret of these 20 years has been “the constant improvements in our service, where the only valid method is hard work and high self-imposed standards”. To achieve this proposal, proximity with clients is essential, as it allows the company to know first hand the concerns of professionals, and thus “provide agile and rapid responses, and guarantee that the needs of our clients are covered throughout their routes”, he continued.  The company works hard to be the main provider and to guarantee comprehensive attention from when vehicles leave from their base until their destination.

As such, Redtortuga has promoted expanding its presence in Europe and diversifying its range of services.  This has led to a process of internationalising its network of Service Stations. The company now has more than 550 service stations located in 8 countries −Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Slovenia−, and the creation of Tortuga Services, which has offered highway services and services for companies in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway since 2001.

Far from dwelling in the past, the company is already working on present and future projects based on the same principles which have defined its trajectory: progress, innovation and growth. The Area in La Jonquera is inaugurating the new facilities of its parking lot, which guarantees a safe rest area for drivers, vehicles and cargo thanks to the restricted and monitored access control and the increase of security cameras and lighting.

On the other hand, Redtortuga’s international presence continues to be one of its priorities, both in increasing the number of stations, as well as providing services. Meanwhile, in another sphere, digital tools have been implemented for companies and drivers -the website and mobile device APP have been updated in order to improve self-management. 

Reviewing the company’s present and past, the director, Josep Guaus, recognises that this celebration injects vitality: “Turning 20 gives us at Redtortuga energy to continue moving forward and to continue working with the same excitement we had at the beginning”.