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12 of them are located in highways

Redtortuga keeps increasing its presence in Spain and recently 16 filling stations have been joined to the Redtortuga’s network. These filling stations are located in Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Valencia, twelve of them in highways, where dangerous good trucks can refuel.

Redtortuga’s customers can pay with Diesel Card Gold, Professional Diesel Card and Diesel Card Recharge.

At present, Redtortuga has 97 service-stations in Spain.


ES0133 TEO 42.81142,-8.58572

ES0134 RIUDELLOTS-GIRONES I 41.90678,2.77367

ES0135 AIGUAVIVA-GIRONES II 41.90589,2.77206

ES0136 TEIA 41.49303,2.33392

ES0137 ALTAFULLA 41.13981,1.34586

ES0138 MONTCADA I REIXAC 41.49448,2.19137

ES0139 LLINARS DEL VALLES I 41.6479,2.4265

ES0140 LLINARS DEL VALLES II 41.64681,2.42567

ES0141 L’ARBOÇ DEL PENEDES 41.28897,1.59353

ES0142 CASTELLBISBAL 41.46817,1.978

ES0143 PORTAS 42.56253,-8.67206

ES0144 SILLEDA 42.71639,-8.30083

ES0145 VALDEMORO 40.16325,-3.66469

ES0146 PARLA 40.25138,-3.76441

ES0147 GRANJA DE ROCAMORA 38.156,-0.88981

ES0148 MANRESA 41.73425,1.8367