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OnTurtle is this season’s new sponsor of the women’s basketball team Spar Girona, in a show of commitment to women’s sport. In keeping with our commitment to fostering talent, the community spirit that is so important to us and the defence of very clear values, we at OnTurtle are very proud to announce that we are joining the Spar Girona project in support of women’s basketball team Uni Girona Club de Bàsquet, reigning champions of the Copa de la Reina. The collaboration has an initial period of one year, with the aim of accompanying and supporting the team throughout the 2021-2022 season, and starts next Saturday 25th September, with the first match day of the Endesa Women’s League taking place against Kutxabank Araski.


Sharing values and DNA

We are very excited to start collaborating with Uni Girona” explained Josep Guaus, CEO of OnTurtle, upon signing the agreement, “it’s a pleasure to be able to provide resources to a club that has been committed to elite women’s sport for years, a club with which we identify and share DNA. We hope this agreement will be the beginning of future collaborations together”.

Furthermore, Xavi Fernandez, general manager of the basketball club, has stated that it is an agreement that will mutually strengthen both organisations: “We are continuing to add partners and support to keep us at the elite level of women’s basketball. We are very grateful to OnTurtle for having faith in our club“.

‘On the road’ sponsorship

True to its motto “Partners in goods mobility”, OnTurtle will have a part to play in the team’s travel. For the entire season, the turtle, the logo and emblem of the firm, will be displayed on the coach that will be used by the players and the whole team during their travels and, above all, at away matches. In the same vein, the Catalan company, a benchmark in freight transport services with a network of more than 1,600 stations in Europe, will collaborate with the reigning champions of the Copa de la Reina in the best way it knows how: by paving the way.

In addition, as a result of this partnership with Spar Girona, fans will be able to get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of Spar Girona as they travel, via the “On Turtle… On the road” blog and its social media channels.

International visibility

Last season, Spar Girona finished third in the regular league standings and won the aforementioned trophy for the Copa de la Reina. This year, OnTurtle will be there, cheering them on through thick and thin. And not only as the team travels but on the court too, with their presence on the digital billboards that will be visible during matches all over Europe.