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A single toll system for 15 countries in Europe. OnTolls Europe continues to grow its services to facilitate the mobility of goods for our customers on the continent. After adding Bulgaria as the 14th country on the list, the device is now extending its coverage across the whole of Poland, where it was previously limited to the A4 motorway between Krakow and Katowice. As a result, our customers now have the option to drive freely on motorways in Portugal, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria and throughout Poland.

Changes to Polish toll payment regulations

The old viaTOLL has ceased to operate in Poland, which launched a new toll collection system in October 2021. The new technology implemented detects positioning via satellite, facilitating electronic and automatic payment on Polish highways. The regulation makes the system mandatory for heavy vehicles over 3.5 tonnes on Polish national toll roads and for the Konin-Stryków (A2) and Wrocław-Sośnica (A4) motorway toll sections for heavy and light vehicles. In addition, it requires system registration for all vehicles.

To facilitate this change for our customers, OnTurtle has incorporated this mechanism into our own OnTolls Europe single toll device, which already offers full mobility across Poland, upon request via

A single toll system for our customers’ convenience

There are many reasons to opt for a single toll device, beyond the convenience of requiring one device. OnTolls Europe offers multiple advantages to hauliers, such as reduced rental costs or en-route discounts. Easy to use, with an intuitive and simple design, the device also offers geolocation, route planning, real-time chat with the driver and data updates to ensure you always have the most efficient version available.

Contracting can be customised for each client, so that only the countries required for the mobility of each transport fleet can be contracted.