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2019 has been a year of changes, of moving forward and delivering on the new challenges facing the logistics and mobility sector. To that end, OnTurtle is embracing the end of year to update its fuel cards, this time by adding a new look and security measure improvements.

The new OnTurtle Diesel Cards will replace the current ones. The new cards can be activated in the Customer area of the OnTurtle website(, where users will obtain a new PIN number. When the process is completed, the card will be valid for four years.

We give our customers five different models adapted to their needs. The cards can be used in the 1,500-plus network service stations  distributed across Europe. Benefits include the potential to set a customised daily fuel-spend limit.


The five card models, available in all payment modes, are:

  • GoB Diesel Card, for refrigerated vehicles, with credit payment (accepted at the OnTurtle stations in Carmona, La Jonquera and MercaBarna).
  • Recharge Diesel Card, with prepay mode, online recharge and which can be used to process the professional diesel tax refund (accepted in all countries except Slovenia).
  • Platinum Diesel Card, with cash payment (accepted at the MercaBarna, La Jonquera and Andoain stations).
  • Professional Diesel Card: with credit payment and which can be used to process the professional diesel tax refund (accepted in all countries in the OnTurtle network).
  • Gold Diesel Card: with credit payment (accepted in all countries in the network).


OnTurtle steps up to transport and logistics sector challenges by providing an international network designed to respond to our customers’ needs, with a crosscutting, comprehensive and customised service offering:

  • Turtle On the Way: mobility enhancement service
  • Turtle Management: management and efficiency service
  • Turtle Innovation: service to improve the future


If you still don’t have your OnTurtle card, apply for it over the website ( or by emailing