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Here at OnTurtle we have contributed to the fight against COVID-19 with a donation of money and fuel with the “DieselCard”, available at all OnTurtle stations. We have made a donation to the Barcelona Food Bank which adds up to €14,045.53. The donation will be dedicated to the  “COVID-19 EMERGENCY” charity campaign, promoted by the non-profit organisation to contribute to the fight against food scarcity in our local surroundings. Financial contributions will make up 50% of the donation and the other 50% will be in fuel services.

With this action, we want to help the personnel and volunteers of the Barcelona Food Bank to deliver food to families in poverty and those experiencing food scarcity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s CEO, Josep Guaus, delivered the “Diesel Cards” to Oriol Dolader, the logistics director of the Barcelona Food Bank Foundation, who expressed the critical situation that they are currently facing.

Since 14 March, the day when the state of alarm was declared, the demand for basic food necessities has increased by 30%, according to figures provided by the Food Bank Foundation. To face this reality, the institution has added more than 150 volunteers, mostly young people, to help out with delivering the food. The Food Bank has already distributed 40,000 prepared meals, equivalent to 2,856,341 kilos of food, to families in need in the city of Barcelona. The organisation is evaluating the possibility of expanding the food deliveries to other parts of the metropolitan area.

Each year OnTurtle dedicates a part of its profit to foundations and local actions to contribute to social well-being and to improving our environment.