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This year, OnTurtle celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary sharing the road with players in professional transport. Commitment to the challenges of truck drivers has led us to become a pioneer in providing global solutions to transportation companies, with the pillars On The Way, Management and Innovation as main values.

During 2020, we will inform you through our social media channels of the different initiatives we are preparing to celebrate these 25 years of history together.

The turtle’s journey

Over the course of all these years, an exciting journey has taken the turtle that symbolises our brand, and transformed it into an international network with nearly 1,500 service stations spread across eight countries in Europe. The route we are proposing to take starts with looking in the rear-view mirror, because our origins alongside truck transport define our DNA, but ends with the main beams on, because we are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead for professional road transport.

Our journey began in 1995 when we opened the first service area in Spain (La Jonquera) exclusively for large tonnage vehicles.

In 2001, our services platform, Tortuga Services, which would evolve over time and provide new features to adapt to the day-to-day needs of transport companies, was born. Thus, we developed solutions such as the management of tolls, ferries, fines and VAT recovery, among others.

We also launched our Diesel Card collection, which allows customers to benefit from discounts on refuelling throughout Spain.

Another important development was the OnTurtle app for smartphones, aimed at both fleet managers and drivers to process and download invoices, plan routes and monitor card consumption in real time.

More recently, in 2019, we launched the innovative OnTolls Europe device, which has the purpose of unifying and processing toll payments in eleven European countries.

In 2007, one of the milestones that positioned us as benchmarks in the provision of services for professional transport occurred when we created the Transcard loyalty programme. This would later also extend to passenger cars. Through a card, this initiative offers countless gifts and discounts at roadside establishments such as restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

As you can see, we love the road and we love those who travel on it daily. That is why internationalisation has been a constant on our journey. This has enabled us to cover you on the main freight transport routes in Europe.

Our international expansion began in France and Luxembourg in 2006, and, over the years that followed, spread to Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. In addition to the presence of our stations in eight countries, we currently provide OnTurtle services in 28 countries. Within this process, the Red Tortuga brand with which we started our journey evolved into today’s OnTurtle brand.

Our future with you

And where is our adventure heading? We want to continue strengthening ties with transport professionals with an innovative and ambitious vision, adapting our services to the demands of the market.

Meanwhile, we continue expanding our network of service areas. Soon, we will be opening 70 more stations in Germany and entering new markets such as Poland and the Czech Republic to offer maximum convenience to professional drivers with our services platform.

Together, we are still on the road!