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Our goal is to facilitate more comfortable, safe and efficient routes for our customers. And as a benchmark partner for freight mobility in Europe, this time we have joined forces with the commercial lorry distributor Ford Trucks Spain with a clear aim: to alleviate the rise in fuel prices for professional transport. Under the slogan “Our goal, your peace of mind”, we thus want to reward the work of professional drivers with a new support campaign involving a weekly draw offering the chance to win one of three fuel vouchers worth 500 euros.

Mitigate the effects of the energy crisis

The price of energy has risen considerably in recent months. This instability has had a particular impact on the economic activity of professional transport, which has seen fuels multiply their value in the market.

For this reason, we at both OnTurtle and Ford Trucks want to help alleviate its effects, and to let the winners stop for a bit of air. This amount will be distributed in the form of 3 fuel vouchers worth €500 through a weekly prize draw.

Drivers may apply by completing an online form which requires them to register, provide their personal details and follow OnTurtle and Ford Trucks on Facebook.

Always on the side of professional transport

Being on the side of transport and drivers is part of our essence. OnTurtle has already launched several support campaigns, seeing first and foremost to thank the work of professional drivers, a community that often remains overlooked. In 2020, for example, after the first few months of Covid-19’s arrival in Europe, we launched the #ThankYouCarriers roadshow in partnership with Webtrans to thank transport professionals for their dedication during the most difficult months of the pandemic.

On this occasion a food truck travelled 5,000 kilometres between Spain and France, stopping at various carrier meeting points to serve coffees with the help of a professional barista. In total, nearly 500 coffees were served, and they had the opportunity to talk first-hand with the professionals who remained behind the wheel when mobility restrictions prevented them from leaving home.

The campaign sought to take advantage of the visibility of professional transport to once again reassert its strategic role in the world economy.