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Redtortuga has joined the new Small Scale Natural Gas Business Association (AESSGAN), formed by small and medium-sized enterprises from the vehicular natural gas distribution and marketing sector. The goal of this association is to help to develop natural gas distribution, thus ensuring that the transport companies which promote alternative energies such as gas can operate properly. In fact, this is the objective of European Directive 2014/94. According to this directive, every member state must promote more sustainable fuel supply networks.

The incorporation of Redtortuga in AESSGAN will help bring together the experience of all its members and support the economic and strategic interests of small and medium-sized enterprises. With this partnership, the company will gain greater visibility before large energy groups and it will open the door to new agreements.

Redtortuga thus reaffirms its commitment to natural gas started in 2018, which it aims to reinforce throughout the year. The 2019 forecast is to quadruple the number of stations which offer CNG and LNG refuelling in its European network, reaching 76 stations in total. The company hopes to use this investment to contribute to developing a gas supply network which helps to provide a response to a growing need, one that is more environmentally friendly.