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Tortuga Services informs you that Germany increases its tolls from 1st October, affecting all the vehicles of 7,5t or more. In the same date, new rate tolls will come into force for all kind of vehicles and the prices will depend on the category and the number of axles (see the Rates). 

Nowadays, there are 30.400 toll routes: 25.700km of highways and 4.700 of federal routes.  

How to pay tolls in Germany

There are three payment methods:

  • On board unit (OBU) Toll Collect: it has a GPS which automatically calculates the amount. Useful for regular routes.
  • Toll collect online account: the user should indicate the planned route before starting. Useful for occasional routes.
  • Toll station terminal: the user should introduce the planned trip and, after that, pay the toll. Useful for occasional routes

In all the cases, Tortuga Services manages the account. If you are interested in more information, contact us at:

0034 93 557 22 73