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OnTurtle has updated its facilities at our station in La Jonquera, in a refurbishing process which has turned it into a 25,000m2 hub for international land transport. Twenty-six years on from when we were founded, this ambitious project combines efficiency, sustainability and service in our new brand image, transforming our flagship station into our European Strategic Customer Service Centre. All the changes and improvements in services, signalling, traffic, communications and infrastructure have been carried out with hauliers and haulage companies in mind.


New pumps with simultaneous refuelling

OnTurtle’s new truck refuelling area in La Jonquera has been upgraded to improve our customers’ experience. From the design to the structure, the safety devices to the dispensers, everything is designed to maximise the efficiency of stop times. In fact, these new pumps allow for the simultaneous refuelling of two different fuels with a single validation, which is more convenient and saves drivers’ time.


A more sustainable station

OnTurtle has spent years working on a more environmentally friendly business model: from our European gas network, to how we grow, to the installation of photovoltaic panels in La Jonquera. The site is equipped to produce 23,700 Kw/h per year, reducing CO2 emissions by 7,861kg. This installation is complemented by solar thermal production, which produces hot water and improves the station’s energy efficiency.


Renovating our image

The station’s aesthetics have also undergone major changes: awnings, pumps, the branded totem and the rest of the facilities now have the new OnTurtle logo, creating a more homogeneous and modern image.

These new features are an addition to the station’s wide range of services, including a guarded car park, placed in the GOLD category by ESPORG for being one of the safest in Europe, as well as toilets, showers, laundry facilities, a hotel, a shop, a supermarket and a restaurant. Our OnTurtle station in La Jonquera also offers a micro-filtration station, unique in Europe, that guarantees the highest fuel quality.