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The importance of having a strategic partner to optimize costs and times on international routes

Optimizing costs and times on international routes is the key to more efficient professional transport. This is our mission as a partner for the mobility of goods and we presented it during the MT TSL Expo in Warsaw, the International Trade Fair for Transport, Shipping and Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe, which took place from April 9 to 11 in Poland. We attended the event to explain the keys to optimizing costs and times en route and how the support of a 360º transport services company is essential to achieve this.

Controlling refueling to optimize costs and minimize risks

“We must emphasize the importance of accompanying the carrier,” explained Dorota Nowak, our commercial director at OnTurtle. “From administrative procedures to on-road comfort, a good partner will have an impact on offering a higher quality service,” she added, “which will always contribute to optimizing costs and time on the road. To achieve this, Nowak insisted, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies and to keep ahead of the new demands of the market, which nowadays demands, above all, safety.
“When we talk about security and control of refueling, we have to emphasize that our DieselCards are a secure means of payment,” he explained about how the fuel cards work. Our DieselCards work by means of a personalized PIN code, can be used at any of the service stations in our international network and any refueling will always be linked to a license plate number.
“We are currently working on offering a unique refueling control system that will operate on three different levels, which will take transportation security to the next level,” Nowak said. This pioneering development will help to further optimize our customers’ international routing.

Choosing a strategic partner in Europe

There is little point in choosing a good partner if it doesn’t meet your needs. “Our Diesel Cards, for example, are tailored to each customer and can be used at any station in our international network,” Nowak explained. To be able to serve professional transport in Europe, you have to be where you need to be.

OnTurtle has more than 1,700 service stations in 11 European countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and Romania). This is a strategic map that is constantly changing, in order to respond to the real demands of the transport sector in Europe.

“For example, we have been in Poland for more than 20 years and in 2020 we opened our first service stations, so that our customers could follow their route with us from the beginning to the end,” Nowak said. In 2023, OnTurtle added Romania to its network, where it already offers more than thirty stations, as it has become a strategic enclave connecting regions, cities and towns that meet the demand of new markets, especially in the European Union.

Choosing secure parking, key to optimal route planning

Safety on the road is one of our top priorities at OnTurtle and this was also emphasized at the MT TSL congress in Warsaw. In addition to real-time monitoring of refueling and the aforementioned security mechanisms to prevent fraud, we are promoting a secure parking network in Europe.
The driver’s rest and the protection of the goods being transported are essential aspects when it comes to more efficient freight transport. That is why choosing where to park the truck is a fundamental aspect that will also help to optimize costs and time en route.
“In this regard, we are not only working to offer a secure parking network with more than 20 approved parking facilities in Europe, but our parking lot in La Jonquera has been awarded as the best parking lot in Europe for the second year in a row at the European Excellence in Truck Parking Award 2024,” Nowak recalled during his presentation.

From left to right, Dorota Nowak, Sales Director at OnTurtle; Edyta Gontarz, Senior Sales Representative at OnTurtle; Paulina Racka and Rafal Bartlomiej, Sales Representative Specialist at OnTurtle.

MT TSL: A benchmark congress for professional transport and logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

The MT TSL Expo in Warsaw is a leading congress for the transport and logistics sector in Central and Eastern Europe. The fifth edition of the meeting took place from April 9 to 11 in Poland and, from OnTurtle, we could not miss the appointment: we were there to share our know-how to accompany and make more efficient the route of our customers. We have more than 25 years of experience behind us.

The MT TSL meeting brings together professionals from leading companies, technical experts and professionals from the region and was attended by more than 5,000 visiting professionals. It is a key opportunity to establish business relationships, showcase innovative technologies and exchange knowledge and experiences that contribute, for example, to optimizing costs and times en route and facilitating more efficient freight mobility.