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OnTurtle continues to grow with an international network of 1,629 service stations in Europe, including 90 LNG refuelling stations. As a global service company for professional transport, in 2021 we are committed to strengthening a natural gas supply map on the continent for customers who are committed to alternative energies. In total, 36.36% more than in 2020. In addition, 2021 was also a year of challenges met: we expanded coverage with our services, we updated and improved our facilities and we returned to face-to-face events to be closer than ever to our customers.

Our gas network grows by 36%

Natural gas is consolidating its position as the cleanest alternative for professional transport, especially for long-distances. We corroborated this at TransLogistica and have believed it since 2018, with the start of our commitment to this energy for more sustainable freight mobility.

In 2021, we added a total of 16 new LNG refuelling stations at strategic locations in Germany, Belgium, Spain and France. All in all, OnTurtle has grown by 36.36% in this sector compared to 2020 and has managed to build a network of 90 LNG refuelling stations throughout Europe. A network whose intention is to continue to growing throughout 2022.

Increased coverage for the carrier over its international route

Despite the arrival of the vaccine, the risk of contagion has been ever present in 2021, and regulations and mobility restrictions have intermittently impacted freight transport activity. It has been a complex year for the sector and a challenge that we at OnTurtle have faced with optimism and a lot of effort.

Among other achievements, this 2021 we expanded the coverage of the OnTolls Europe single device for tolls in Europe. In addition to improving service to all of Poland, new countries have been added this 2021 to ensure a more efficient route: Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein and Poland.

Closer than ever to our customers

The year 2021 brought us a lot of launches at OnTurtle with the inauguration of new offices in the Ciudad del Transporte de Molina de Segura, in Murcia. This strategic location for the mobility of goods in Spain and Europe has placed us closer to our customers, providing them with greater support, attention and service.

In addition, this year has also seen the culmination of the remodelling and updating of our own facilities in Mercabarna and La Jonquera, now converted into our Strategic Customer Service Centre en route through Europe. An efficiency, sustainability and service project designed to improve the refuelling experience of professional hauliers. Another highlight is the implementation of a revolutionary online laser particle counter, which automatically improves the quality of the product, eliminating any fuel that is not optimal and guaranteeing maximum quality in refuelling. Being at the forefront has led us to renew, for the fifth consecutive year, our SGS Quality Seal.

All this in a year in which the pandemic, after months of confinement and its new online reality, gave us little respite: after two years of hiatus, it allowed us to return to TransLogistica Poland, a benchmark event for the transport sector in Eastern Europe, and to meet again in person with many of our customers.

In 2022, we will continue to provide innovative and forward-looking solutions.