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Seven new service areas in Poland to strengthen our presence in the east of Europe. We’re celebrating 20 years in the country by expanding our network of Polish stations to continue supporting our customers, with services now covering their transport routes from start to finish.

Strategic map of refuelling stations in Poland

The seven new Polish service areas are located at Dzwonowo, Mierzyn, Kołbaskowo, Słubice, Pyrzyce, Gorzów and Szwecja. Situated near the border areas with Germany and the Czech Republic, they are operated by our partner FARAON.

The new service stations in Poland offer Diesel A and AdBlue supply, as well as basic services for professional drivers, such as bathrooms, showers, a shop and, in most cases, lorry parking. In addition, OnTurtle offers 24-hour personalised service.

Poland was added to our network of stations two years ago, in 2020. With this new addition, there are now 14 supply and service points strategically distributed throughout the country.

100% OnTurtle transport routes

After 20 years operating in Poland, home of Europe’s leading truck fleet, we continue to grow with new service stations that guarantee our customers’ routes from start to finish, consolidating a long-standing relationship in the country. In the near future, we hope to further expand this network with a presence in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Within our commitment to define a map of stations that serves our customers on their routes, our international network of stations ended 2021 with over 1,600 stations in Europe and a presence in 10 countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Poland.