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It was 20 years ago when we at OnTurtle, a benchmark partner for the movement of goods in Europe, broke down borders and arrived in Poland. Our international growth has not stopped us from expanding our horizons after nearly three decades of activity; and today, our long-standing business relationship with this country is cemented. That’s why, once again this year, we will not miss this ninth edition of TransLogistica Poland, which we’re really looking forward to celebrating. Therefore, from 7 to 9 November you will find us at stand B10 in Hall 1 of the EXPO XXI Pavilion in Warsaw. There will be toasts, surprises and even an anniversary cake.


Poland: 20 years old and really looking forward to celebrating

At OnTurtle, we’re proud to say that we provide comprehensive support to our customers. And what’s more, we are able to do so from the beginning to the end of their route through Europe. Since 2020, our presence in Poland has expanded our carrier services in the country, with the opening of our first seven stations.

By 2022, we have doubled in size with seven new supply points in the west of the border areas with Germany and the Czech Republic. Under the banner of our Polish partner FARAON, the new stations are a welcome addition to the more than 1,600 stations in our international network.

An international network of secure parking for lorries

Safe parking for lorries and comprehensive support for our customers are part of our essence and will also have their place at this ninth edition of TransLogistica Poland. Throughout our history, our La Jonquera station has been adapted to ensure the haulier gets their rest, and to protect the goods they transport. Today, our flagship station has become a benchmark for international transport on the border between Spain and France, with a fenced lorry parking area, video-monitored 24 hours a day, which is also endorsed by TAPA and ESPORG with the GOLD category.

Furthermore, in 2022 we expanded our cross-border services in this strategic enclave by opening the first Translogistical Centre in Jonquera-Pont de Molins: 35,000m2 fitted out with a new guarded parking area for lorries, integral services, refurbishment of loading and use of Terberg.

Our participation in this international meeting will also be an opportunity to present to our partners and customers our network of secure lorry parking facilities in Europe, which already includes 21 approved and equipped parking facilities available to the haulier.

Debate and current events in the transport sector

There is always a place for analysis and exchange of perspectives and TransLogistica Poland is a good opportunity for this. Therefore, Marek Loos, editor-in-chief of Transport Manager magazine, and Dorota Nowak, Sales Manager Poland & Eastern Europe at OnTurtle, will host a round table discussion with Alba Carré, CEO of Calsina Carré, to analyse the latest trends in the sector.

In addition, our stand will once again have a lorry driving simulator to put you in the shoes of the hauliers and, as a novelty, a reflex screen to measure the reaction capacity of the participants.