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Volvo Trucks Poland is back on the road with 4Poland, an event designed to showcase its latest innovations to its customers in person. And, as a global company with professional transport services throughout Europe, OnTurtle didn’t want to miss out. On 10 June, our racing simulator and part of our team took part in the third edition of this event, which was held on the Jastrząb race track near Radom. A number of leading professionals from the transport and logistics sector also participated in the event, which was attended by customers and partners, updating them on the latest developments in the sector.

An event designed to discover the latest trends

Around 2,000 people gathered at 4Poland 2022. The event began with a visit to the exhibition site, a space with more than 50 exhibitors from the world of transport, where attendees were also able to experience presentations of the new Volvo trucks first hand, including both diesel and gas or electric powered vehicles.

From the afternoon onwards, the atmosphere became more festive, giving way to concerts and various musical performances. The successful celebration updated everyone on new market trends in a more informal and casual atmosphere.

Our simulator returns to racing

It may look like a game but it is much more than that. Our racing simulator is a way of empathising with our customers and, above all, with the basic needs of the professional driver. Just as a driving route involves much more than transporting goods from one place to another, our task is to identify what that truck and its driver will need to get to the destination as efficiently as possible. From paying tolls, tunnels or bridges, to refuelling and the need for a safe rest.

This was precisely the reason why we chose it for the fair. However, in addition to putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes to anticipate their demands, we also added an incentive: we gave away a truck to the winner.

The event was also an opportunity to meet customers and partners in Eastern Europe, to make contacts with other industry professionals in Poland, and to keep a close eye on new trends.