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Travel comfortably by consolidating all toll payments while you travel through Europe. This helps our customers be more efficient while moving goods. OnTurtle keeps up with the latest market developments to improve service by using the latest devices and cards for European toll payments. Our spring catalogue will offer new products in Greece and Hungary. Firstly, the eWay toll payment device goes beyond Italian borders and can operate in Greece, the neighbouring country. Moreover, OnTolls Europe, which a few weeks ago extended coverage to a twelfth country, Switzerland, can now also be used in Hungary.


Consolidated toll payments in Greece with eWay

OnTurtle improved our customers’ Greek mobility with an agreement with our supplier Fitalog that extends eWay’s toll payment coverage to Greece. Hauliers specifically who have this service will be able to easily move around Italy and the neighbouring country. On Greek territory, the device will be active for routes passing through Attiki Odos, Olympia Odos, Moreas, the Aegean motorway and the Rion-Antirion bridge.


OnTolls Europe is now in 13 countries, including Hungary

Our unique tolling device, OnTolls Europe, is now available in more European countries by adding Hungary, which now joins Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland (on the A4 motorway between Krakov and Katowice), Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland in motorway coverage.

This device offers many advantages to hauliers, especially convenience: all toll payments in thirteen European countries collected on one device. In addition, drivers can reduce rental costs and enjoy discounts on the road.

Moreover, OnTolls Europe is fully customisable and allows you to choose the countries in which you want to have it activated. Country activation is very simple and can be done remotely by requesting information:

Other benefits of OnTurtle’s unique tolling device are its intuitive and simple design, easy data updates, its route geolocation system, and it can even chat in real time with the driver.