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OnTurtle has once again achieved the prestigious SGS Seal of Quality certification for our service stations for the fifth year in a row. The seal assesses aspects such as the condition of the fuel from its deposit to its supply and the maintenance of the facilities. The certification body SGS is a world leader in inspection, verification and testing. At OnTurtle we were the first company in the industry to achieve this recognition, back in 2017. Since then, the distinctive mark has been displayed on our tanks so that our customers know that they are filling up with fuel of the highest quality.

Seal of Quality, a seal of quality

This is the fifth consecutive year that OnTurtle has been able to renew the quality certificate for our service stations: La Jonquera Camiones, La Jonquera Autos and Mercabarna. The SGS Seal of Quality programme performs regular inspections to ensure that product quality standards are maintained. The audit guarantees, among other aspects, the quality of the fuel distributed at the stations, from its arrival to its supply to the vehicle’s tank, as well as the condition and maintenance of the facilities.

For this purpose, OnTurtle has its unique microfiltration plant for fuel which was pioneered in Europe. As such, when each tank arrives at our stations the diesel oil passes through this machine which removes more than 80% of impurities such as suspended or dissolved solids, moisture and bacteria. In this way we guarantee that the diesel fuel served at our stations is of the highest possible quality. This control promotes cleaner engine combustion, improving engine performance and engine life. In addition, we are currently working to further improve this filtering for added efficiency.

Our station in la Jonquera updates its facilities

In the case of La Jonquera, moreover, 2021 has seen the completion of an ambitious remodelling plan to improve efficiency, sustainability and service, which has undoubtedly influenced the renewal of the seal. Among other things, the new pumps at the border station allow double refuelling with a single validation, reducing drivers’ downtime.

We at OnTurtle work every day to improve the service to our customers, offering them maximum coverage without losing proximity or quality. Our facilities have all the services that lorry drivers need to guarantee rest and the safety of their goods.