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At OnTurtle, we want to ensure the highest quality refuelling. That is why we have implemented a revolutionary online laser particle counter in our Strategic Customer Service Centre on the road in Europe, located in La Jonquera. This pioneering technology, developed by Newtoil, provides real-time data, robust analysis and increased service safety. With this telematic laser counter, we are building new added value into this unique microfiltration plant. As a result, our service station in La Jonquera is now the first in Europe with these features. The new online laser particle counter allows automatic improvement in product quality, eliminating any less than optimal fuel and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

Optimal quality and safety for refuelling

The new telematic laser particle counter is able to remove any impurities that may be naturally contained in the fuel, such as suspended or dissolved solids, moisture or bacteria. It is a revolutionary system for controlling tank unloading in service stations, unique in Europe. The analyser, which Newtoil developed for OnTurtle, is programmed to analyse the level of solid contamination in real time, according to ISO CODE 4406, and is the first to be implemented in a microfiltration plant.

This way, every time a tank arrives at the La Jonquera station, a quality inspection is carried out to verify that the product meets the optimal quality standards at the point of sale. In addition, this instrument enables reacting quickly to any unforeseen contamination.

With this system, OnTurtle can always guarantee safe refuelling for our customers. This also allows us to extend the maintenance times of both engine diesel filters and truck injection equipment.

Always at the forefront

Our La Jonquera station, inaugurated in 1995, has become a reference point for international transport on its way across the border with France. It was the first Spanish station to install an AdBlue dispenser, to install a cash dispenser for automatic payment, and to offer this microfiltration machine to guarantee the highest quality refuelling possible. Over these 26 years, we have worked to offer our customers optimum service. That is why we are the first Spanish company to be awarded the SGS quality seal for the fifth consecutive year.

Within our commitment to innovation, the facilities in La Jonquera have always prioritised professional drivers, guaranteeing all the services required for a quality rest. Our parking for trucks, endorsed by TAPA and ESPORG with the GOLD category for its security, is fenced and under video surveillance 24 hours a day. In fact, new cameras have recently been installed, including overhead cameras at the pumps.

As a partner in freight mobility, we are always aiming to open the way ahead and go even further.