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The Diesel -18ºC that’s available now at our service station in La Jonquera is designed to resist the low temperatures of the European winter. Since December 1st, we have been offering this fuel at pumps 6 and 7 to ensure the safety of our customers and their trucks on their route across the continent during these icy months. The campaign will last until the end of March when spring begins.

Greater cold resistance

Professional drivers are well aware that, in winter, the thermometer can easily plummet while driving in Europe. Such an adverse weather situation could freeze the fuel in engine’s own tank. To prevent the concentration of micro particles from clogging the filters, it is important to travel well equipped: and there is no better insurance than our -18°C diesel.

Special fuels of this type have a Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) of -10ºC, as required by Spanish legislation. But we at OnTurtle have gone one step further with our Diesel -18ºC, which offers greater resistance and peace of mind to our customers in the face of any harsh weather.

Fuel of the highest quality

As well as being able to supply Diesel -18ºC at our La Jonquera service station, we always guarantee that our fuel is first-rate. With prestigious certificates such as the Seal of Quality from SGS, we at OnTurtle have access to cutting-edge technology to ensure that we supply fuel of the highest quality.

To maintain our high standards we have an exclusive microfiltration plant, capable of eliminating any impurities present in the fuel before our customers fill their tanks. As a further innovation, we have recently implemented the first online laser particle counter,the first of its kind to be installed in a plant like ours.

We have recently installed a laser particle counter in the same plant, the first in Europe, to maintain a higher level of product quality control.

Our La Jonquera station is always ahead of the curve!