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LNG refuelling in Europe is becoming more convenient and efficient with OnTurtle. Our international natural gas network continues to grow steadily with the incorporation of new gas stations, of which there are now over 80 spread across six countries on the continent. We have recently reinforced our presence in France and Germany with seven new service stations that supply LNG to our customers, thanks to an agreement with our supplier Liqvis.

Two new LNG refuelling stations in France

Currently, our international natural gas network in France already covers the main international professional transport routes, with 31 gas stations strategically distributed throughout the country. The new additions include the Calais service stations in the communes of Marck and Bouc-Bel-air. In both cases these are Liqvis-branded stations adapted for Volvo lorries.

In the first case, Calais-Liqvis is a gas station located in a key enclave for goods mobility. Located in northern France, it is notable for its proximity to the English Channel and the Eurotunnel. Calais is one of the most important ports in the country and in Europe, due to its connection with England.

In addition, our international natural gas network also includes the service station at Bouc-Bel-air for LNG refuelling. Specifically, the new gas station is located in the south of the country, on an urban road a few kilometres from Marseille. The Port of Marseilles closed the 2019 financial year with a turnover of 169.5 million euros and a growth of 4% over the previous year.

Strengthening LNG supply with five new gas plants in Germany

OnTurtle has 13 gas stations in Germany, a number that will continue to grow in the coming months. On this occasion, OnTurtle has opened new supply points for LNG in Freienbrink, Kassel, Merklingen, Langenhagen and Bönen.

The gasworks in Merklingen is located in the south of Germany, whereas Kassel is located in the centre of that country. A little further north, there are gas stations in Bönen and Langenhagen, located just a few kilometres from Hanover. The latter of these, also Liqvis-branded, offers LNG refuelling and basic services for lorry drivers such as a cafeteria, shop and toilets. Further northwest, a new service station has been added in Freienbrink, near Berlin, also located on an urban road. All stations are suitable for Volvo trucks.

A growing international natural gas network

Our commitment to natural gas started in 2018, even before it was considered the most consolidated sustainable option in the market for long-distance transport. Our international network currently has 84 gas stations strategically located in 6 European countries: Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Our intention is to continue to increase that number of gas stations over the next few years.

At OnTurtle we anticipate new market trends in order to respond to our customers when they need it.