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In spite of the difficulties for the road transport sector brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, we here at OnTurtle closed out 2020 with a positive outlook. As a leading company in fleet management services, we managed to overcome the situation to continue with our international expansion. In the year of our 25th anniversary, we gained ground in Europe, expanding into Italy and Poland, and we increased our gas station network by nearly 35% compared to 2019. Taking into account the problems arising from the pandemic, we also wanted to show our clear support for transporters for their essential work during the most complicated months. 

An 8% increase compared to 2019 

We closed out 2019 with 1,486 stations and a forecast for growth that we managed to keep positive. The explosion of Covid-19 paralysed the global economy in spring, and the outbreaks continue to drag down many sectors that goods transport directly depends on, such as tourism. However, we here at OnTurtle managed to expand the number of service stations in Europe up to 1,606 (8% more), locating them at strategic points for international goods transport, always with the objective of providing the best coverage possible for our customers.  

We continue to promote natural gas 

This past December, the member states of the European Union set the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% for 2030. Faithful to our commitment to achieve cleaner goods mobility, we here at OnTurtle also continued adding new stations to refuel LNG and CNG in Europe. In 2020 we activated twenty new supply points, reaching 66 in total, and we also expanded into new countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. In this sector we grew by 34.79% compared to 2019

Support for hauliers

The Covid-19 pandemic and the mobility restrictions highlighted the importance of the transport sector in the global economy. We here at OnTurtle have proclaimed the importance by offering symbolic support to professional drivers. In addition to providing them with masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizer in Mercadona, the leading logistics point where we have our headquarters, together with Teleroute (a company of the Alpega group) we launched the #MerciTransporteurs campaign in September. A food truck travelled nearly 5,000 km between Spain and France to provide free coffee to professional drivers, and listen to their worries and concerns. We are planning to promote similar initiatives for 2021.