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Last month we announced the addition of the Netherlands to our international natural gas station network, and today we are adding a new country to the list: Germany. OnTurtle’s new gas station is located in Soltau, 70 km south of Hamburg, offers LNG refuelling and is managed by our supplier the Hoyer Group, an international logistics company and a leader in transporting liquids by road, rail and on maritime routes. Today, our customers can now refuel in 65 gas stations spread across six countries in Europe: Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and now also, Germany.

As always, we here at OnTurtle also select the best locations, strategically situated on the map for the greatest comfort for professional drivers, while also offering the best services. In this case, the gas station at Soltau has joined our network with a wide variety of services, such as a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, store, parking area, WCs and showers.

Our network keeps growing in Europe in order to promote a more environmentally-friendly alternative energy. OnTurtle promoted liquid (GNL) and compressed natural gas (GNC) as an alternative energy for professional transport in 2018, even before it was confirmed as the best option for more sustainable goods mobility. Our international gas station network has not stopped growing since then, and it will continue doing so, in accordance with our firm commitment to sustainability.