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The quality of OnTurtle’s service stations has once again been endorsed with the prestigious Seal of Quality awarded by SGS, a worldwide leader in certification, inspection, verification, and testing. Our installations in La Jonquera (La Jonquera and La Jonquera Auto) and Mercabarna have earned the recognition for the fourth year in a row, which makes us the first company in the sector to achieve this feat.

Among other aspects, the SGS Seal of Quality has endorsed the quality of the fuel supplied, from its arrival to the stations until it comes out of our pumps, along with the state and maintenance of the facilities.

To guarantee the highest product quality, the Seal of Quality programme carries out regular inspections in the stations. OnTurtle’s La Jonquera station features a pioneering fuel microfiltration plant, capable of eliminating up to 80% of impurities present in diesel, such as bacteria, moisture, and dissolved or suspended solids. This control promotes cleaner fuel in the engine, improving its performance and lengthening its useful life.

The stations that form part of the Seal of Quality programme must comply with the established standards at all times, otherwise SGS can remove the seal. This way, the seal ensures the highest quality service for users.

OnTurtle earned the certification for the first time in 2017. Since then, the SGS seal remains visible on all our pumps. Our stations, renowned internationally in the sector, offer the best service to transport professionals, ensuring that they can get a pleasant rest and that their goods will stay safe.